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Design Process

Design Process: Services

Consultation and Initial Briefing Meeting

During this free consultation we’ll discuss your client ‘wishlist’. This process offers a clear idea of what you want from your outdoor space and is a chance to meet and understand the aesthetic you’re hoping for, as well as the styles, materials and inspiration.

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Site Survey

Before any design work starts a survey is needed for the site. This will show the size and shape of the site with boundaries in relation to the house. It’ll also give a clearer picture of the soil type and health, levels and gradients, existing features like mature trees and where utilities are buried. This will then enable the design to be much more accurate.

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Master Layout

Using mood boards to get a clear image of what you’re looking for in relation to materials and styles, I can create 3D concept images of what the finished garden could look like. Once this is agreed a final master layout plan will be created, to scale, ready for the contractor to begin building.

master layout.jpg

Planting Plan

Once the planting areas have been proposed within the master layout a planting plan can be created. I’ll again use mood boards to find the colours palette, as well as shapes, structure and textures you desire. I’ll use plants that suit the soil type and aspect of the site, that give seasonality of interest. This hand drawn plan will then enable me to put together a plant list for the nursery, who will then be able to put together a quote.

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